Magisteriy is the School of Magic and Dicussian Club. It works on the base of Kiev O.T.O. Lodge "Parzifal". Magisteriy is a community of magicians, philosophers, astrologers, esotericists, mystics, and all those people who accomplish Magisterium.

First of all, the Magisteriy is engaged in educational activities. On magisteriy.org, we publish author's articles and translations on magic, astrology and other esoteric sciences. We are open to cooperation. Send your work and we will publish it on a known resource of magic that may be useful to you.

By attending our annual seminars, you will get interesting and useful information about practicing magic. You can also study magic and other occult sciences at the School of Magic Magisteriy. The adepts who are initiated in the Ordo Templi Orientis (Ukraine) are ready to open part of their knowledge to you.

Some history:

Magisteriy as a project was launched in 2005 as an electronic journal in .pdf format, which was sent to subscribers by autumn 2010. The magazine published the author's articles and translations about magic and other esoteric fields.

In 2010 we launched a website where you can read the same articles and a lot of new materials. The site proved to be more effective in storing and distributing information: all the articles are at hand in convenient sections, easily searched on the Internet.

With the start of the era of social networks, we opened publics in Facebook, Vk and even the Youtube channel. The social network format does not allow a lot of text, so Magisteriy's social networks became a place for inspirational quotes, links to articles, and announcements.

From 2014, we started to held our annual seminars, where adepts who practice in different traditions share the secrets of their work. On the site in the News section you will find announcements about the events that were already there.

In 2016, the School of Magic began to work, courses on magic disciplines became available both in Kyiv and online. There are video courses that are now available anywhere in the world. This year it is planned to open additional courses with new teachers. Now the School teaches the Basic of Magic, Magick of Thelema, Defense Magic, Planetary Magic, Elemental Magic, Magic of Angels, Enochian Magic, Northern Magic, as well as courses on taro and astrology.

Today Magisteriy is not just a website or a club of interests. It is a global project that brings together practitioners from different countries. And we are constantly developing.

For cooperation, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .